About Me

Hi my name is Tamara Trejo, but most people call me Tammy. I am happily married and have of two sons David and Wesley.

As a people- and nature-loving artist, portrait photography is the perfect medium for me. I love my craft because it enriches the lives of my subjects and feeds my creative spirit. Even after 20 years, I still find each shoot intriguing and new. The Half Moon Bay landscape is constantly changing and my subjects always bring new energy to the photography session.

When I bring my subjects to our majestic shooting locations, everyone seems to be their best selves. During the time of creation, the inner child appears in even the most adult of my subjects. Family members connect to each other in a heightened way and we all become keenly in the moment. Present in a place of joy, beauty and gratitude, and nothing else matters. Grounded in an awesome natural environment, we experience magic, and laughter is always in abundant supply. In this place, our time is not dictated by a clock, but by the sun. There's an old saying "Art is like food, you can't eat it, but it feeds your soul." As co-creators, subjects, and art patrons my client's hunger for meaningful art is fed on many levels through our work together.

My intent when creating a portrait is to give my subjects a song without words, through an image that is beautiful in feeling. My designs are charged with imagination yet simply orchestrated. Each portrait I finish is a well-crafted work of art. The best homes are decorated in the spirit of family and I am very happy to be a contributor.