American Goddess Gallery

Born in the great melting pot, we are the American Goddess. We are a mixed breed, a tribe of all cultures. Our DNA holds the memory of many matriarchal societies that functioned from the heart.

Our Grandmothers hail from all cultures. Some Native American; others immigrated from Africa, Europe, China, India and all corners of the world. They have handed down their matriarchal culture, their knowledge of herbal medicine, song, dance, and ritual. They were deeply connected to Mother Earth, the moon, the seasons, and animals. They held reverent the care of infants, children and the elderly.

I honor and thank all my ancestral mothers who had their inherent Goddess essence silenced in their time. Their Goddess birthright miraculously lived on through the generations to this point in time. Today the women of America can, without fear stand in their divine light and embody the Great Goddesses of our ancestors.

The American Goddess embodies all cultural beliefs of the divine feminine.

I created this book to honor the Divine Feminine Goddess that resides in all women. The inherent powerful beauty that resides in women sometimes needs a witness to bring it to light. I have seen this so many times and am always astonished by the transformation. When a woman is truly present in the moment, connected to the natural environment and feeling strong, she effortlessly embodies the Goddess. After many years of photographing women and studying Goddess mythology I have found that women possess the attributes of one or more of the Infinite Goddesses and sometime all of them at once. May the images in this book be a tether to reconnect you to your divine essence and inspire you to create images of your divine Goddess self.

- Tamara Trejo