Young Wise One: As a perpetual student, I normally take a class in art, design or photography. This year I focused my attention on yoga. In my study I discovered this Young Wise Woman, Jessica Archer. Enjoy the show.

Divine Feminine: The women portrayed in this series stood in their own divine in service to art to shine; the pure feminine energy of today's Goddess. They love their body's, find no sin in nudity and understand the dualities of the world. With bold grace, they embody the strength, mystique and sensuality of the ancient Great Goddess. These women recognize Mother Earth's Divine energy and are deeply connected to it.

Engagement: On winter solstice they played on the Sacred bluff top. He got down on one knee, slipped the diamond ring from his pocket and proposed marriage to her. She said YES.

High School Senior Portrait Session. In today’s American society, they call it a "High School Senior Portrait", and almost every high school senior has one made. Good thing! It is one of the most beautiful times in a young person's life. When one stands at the threshold of adulthood with childlike excitement, the energy is pure grace. I have found that a high school senior portrait also seems to be a modern Rite of Passage. The keepers of this tradition hold dear the sacredness of family. It is easy to imagine that generations from now, these portraits will still be appreciated.